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the hairdresser's house - Threshold — LiveJournal
...she walked in through the out door.
the hairdresser's house
Behold in the numberless halls and caves, in the innumerable fields and dens and caverns of my memory, full without measure of numberless kinds of things -- present there either through images as all bodies are; or present in the things themselves as are our thoughts; or by some notion or observation as our emotions are, which the memory retains even though the mind feels them no longer, as long as whatever is in the memory is also in the mind -- through all these I run and fly to and fro. I penetrate into them on this side and that as far as I can and yet there is nowhere any end.
Augustine, Confessions, X, XVII

We caved in through the broken window. An abandoned hairdresser's house and shop, abandoned since many years. We wanted to take some photos of a morbid, derelict house which was left for good. Although some squatters lived there through the years and left a scene of destruction we could read the former owner's life like a palimpsest. Numberless tubes of hair tinting lotion, rusty hairpins, yellowed beauty ads from the 60ties, broken mirrors, so many broken mirrors which cracked under our feet. Tax declarations, court orders, insolvency files, loss of livelihood.

The potted plants in the winter garden withered, the ivy penetrates the house and yet there is nowhere any end.

Conquering Ivy


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