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seaside - Threshold
...she walked in through the out door.

I was born in a little town at the North Sea. I never liked the sea like some people do who never lived in this cold and bleak clime and never saw the muddy tides. Who never experienced the voice strangling vehemence of the storm tide, den Blanken Hans.

Machir Bay 2006

So I sometimes imagined bright and brilliant oceans in a warm and windless summer...

Ma quando gli dico  
ch'egli è tra i fortunati che han visto l'aurora  
sulle isole più belle della terra,  
al ricordo sorride e risponde che il sole  
si levava che il giorno era vecchio per loro.   

But whenever I tell him
that he's one of the lucky ones to have seen the sun rise
over the loveliest islands in the world,
he smiles at the memory, then says that the sun
didn't rise till the day for them was already old.

Cesare Pavese, I mari del Sud


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