D. (dalaruan) wrote,

a room of one's own

Mut zur Konsequenz ist die Vorbedingung jeder großen Antwort.
Ludwig Marcuse, Ludwig Börne

This room. The small house, the garden. You grew up there, confined. Only your family. No other children. Few visitors. No stimulation, no world beyond these walls. Mostly alone, alone, meditating over the wallpaper. Listening to the ocean in the old sea shell on the sideboard. You grew up 1.5 miles from the sea but didn't know what "sea" or "ocean" meant, till you were 5 years old. Because you nearly never left these rooms until then.
Maybe I never left this room. Maybe I'm still there, still confined in this silence, numbness, loneliness. Maybe I have to pass the threshold for the first time, in a new way, without this cell still surrounding me.

Andrew Wyeth - Her Room
Tags: me, solitude

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