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journal - Threshold — LiveJournal
...she walked in through the out door.
If you open this book you'll DIE.
So if you are terribly unhappy and
have been considering suicide, then
you're in luck. It will be painless and
the cause of death will be a total mys-
tery to the police (unless they read
this) (and believe in the occult.)
One note of warning: You will have
just enough time before you die to
read the first sentence of the book. It
is a beautiful sentence which exactly
expresses the bittersweet splendor of
life and upon reading it you will feel
understood, connected to humanity,
and grateful to be alive. And then
you'll die.
So open the book and then immedi-
ately look up at the ceiling, or at a
loved one, or shut your eyes.
And wait.
Miranda July

Cuxhaven - May 2009

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