D. (dalaruan) wrote,

catch me if I can

There is not only the constant ticking of several mechanical clocks in my home, but there are also many mirrors. Not due to vanity, but because I have to be sure ...

I check my face in the mirror compulsively, not to be vain, but because I had developed a fear that one day I would look and see nothing there at all.
Margaux Fragoso, Tiger, Tiger

July 2009

... to be sure I am still here as I could not feel myself from within. So I have to look. Without mirrors I'm not sure who I am and where I am.
She was a wishbone. You could pull her in any direction and she'd be hard to snap. That's how tough she was. [...] And careless. Most careless about herself. Her body didn't matter because she was outside of it; [...] she could watch that body from across the room.
Margaux Fragoso, Tiger, Tiger

Maybe it's this story, maybe another. I am whatever you say I am.
Tags: me, solitude

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