D. (dalaruan) wrote,

the glass coffin

I acknowledge that you can do one thing as well as the best of us men […] you can die grandly, and as goddesses would die, were goddesses mortal.
Thomas de Quincey, Joan of Arc

Enrique Metinides - Adela Legarreta Rivas run over by a Datsun, 1979

Accidental death in full splendor. You may think this is a film still. It is not. It's a documentary shot of an undesigned traffic crash.

To die in beauty is to die not in vain. The radical aesthete.

When (to me) death takes you and puts you thru the wringer, it's a man. But when you kill yourself it's a woman.
Anne Sexton in a letter to Anne Clark, Feb 1964

Schöne Leich' - oct 2008

This is grotesque.
Tags: death, roadkill

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