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2012 - with love & squalor - Threshold — LiveJournal
...she walked in through the out door.
2012 - with love & squalor
Oysters build their houses out of their lives.
Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

Where will I go to, with you by my side?

2012 may give us an answer.
Leave the shell but keep the pearl.


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From: (Anonymous) Date: January 5th, 2012 07:42 pm (UTC) (Link)

dalaruan From: dalaruan Date: January 17th, 2012 10:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
neck & crop, yes :)
From: amorphismen.wordpress.com Date: January 11th, 2012 01:42 pm (UTC) (Link)

In this case one would prefer to keep the pearl, but not at all to leave the shell.
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