D. (dalaruan) wrote,


Jedem sein Teil. Du empfängst die Gäste, ich die Gespenster.
Franz Kafka in einem Brief an Felice Bauer

There are times when I long to be alone, with nobody around me. I enjoy to rest in silence. Only the shades and shadows move, the only sound the ticking of clocks. I love the peace that comes with it, which I could never feel in society.

Sometimes I like to talk to others, to have company. But these are rare occasions. My few friends know that my unintentional silence can last for months. I was never a good companion in terms of keeping in touch. Usually I don't miss someone in the spacious rooms of my inner world and have to remind myself that there's a world outside.

Loneliness is my shelter, my joy and my curse.

Frank Greenaway - Hermit Crab

Tags: me, solitude

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