D. (dalaruan) wrote,

dedicated to E.

This I dedicate to my aunt, my mother's elder half-sister. Born in 1921 as the fourth child and first daughter of my grandfather, a wealthy farmer and mayor of a village in West Prussia, she lost her mother at the age of seven. She grew up in a family in which only men were valued. My grandfather didn't encourage his daughters to be independent, they are educated to be dutiful wives and mothers.

But WW II changed a lot. Her elder brothers served as soldiers and she worked as a secretary in former Strasburg, now Brodnica. In January '45 the family took refuge by trek and she was separated from them, advanced in pregnancy. In a freight train she passed the border and delivered her son in that train amidst other refugees. 

She brought up her only son alone, working as a secretary, living in a big tenement. A tall, slim, elegant, independent woman.

my aunt ~1964

In her late thirties she met a man on a neighbor's party. They fell in love, visit each other almost every day, traveling together. But they never married, they never shared a flat. Both remained as closest visitors in each other's life, in deep love. Until now, almost half a century later. 

A role model for me since childhood.

Tags: dedication, war

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