D. (dalaruan) wrote,

Thus bred without security / whom dared I love, whom did not flee?

There is something
                               something urgent
I have to say to you
               and you alone
And so
               with fear in my heart
                             I drag it out
and keep on talking
             for I dare not stop.
                        Listen while I talk on
against time.
            It will not be
                         for long.
Only give me time,
                 time to recall them
                         before I shall speak out.
Give me time,
I cannot say
              that I have gone to hell
                         for your love
but often
              found myself there
                         in your pursuit.
I do not like it
              and wanted to be
                         in heaven. Hear me out.
Do not turn away.
I have learned much in my life
              from books
                         and out of them
about love.
                     a love engendering
gentleness and goodness
               that moved me
                          and that I saw in you.
I should have known,
               though I did not,
                          that the lily-of-the-valley
is a flower that makes many ill
               who whiff it.

William Carlos Williams, Asphodel, That Greeny Flower I   

Stanislav Ginzburg - Hidden Place I.jpg

Running away is what we both prefered.
But is that
an option -
Tags: love that killing field, solitude

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