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like a promise finally kept - Threshold — LiveJournal
...she walked in through the out door.
like a promise finally kept
Einmal bedurfte es nur eines Wortes von dir
Und die Laufschritte in meinem Rücken fielen ab.
Nur deiner Hand mir unter die Wange geschoben
Und ich schlief.

Marie Luise Kaschnitz, Du sollst nicht

20 years now.

20 years ago you died.

A friend once said that I survived my childhood only because of you, Papa.

I believe an afterlife exists only in the memory and the heritage of the bereaved.

So you're still here.

I inherited your gentleness. And yes, also your violent temper. Your hilarity. Your stubbornness.

Your ability to enchant and to banish.

Never let me go and let me go.

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