D. (dalaruan) wrote,

so mag der Wind sie in das Nichts entführen

See how those cranes fly arcing through the sky!
The clouds they have for company on their way
Were there already when they had to fly

From one life to another far away.
Together at the selfsame height and pace
It seems an almost casual display.

That crane and cloud just chance to share the space
Of the wide skies through which they pass so briefly
So neither one may linger in this place

And all they see is one another slightly
Rocking on the wind in loose accord
Who now in flight lie side by side so lightly

The wind may carry them off into the void.
If they remain themselves, and hold on tight
They can be touched by nothing untoward

It doesn’t matter if they’re driven out
Threatened by gunshots or by stormy weather.
Indifferent to the sun and moon’s pale light

They journey on, besotted with each other.
What are you fleeing from?
­          —The world.
­     ­               —Where to?
­­          ­                         —Wherever.
You ask how long now have they been together?

Not long.
          —And when they’ll part?
     ­               —Oh, soon enough.
So love appears secure to those who love.

Bertolt Brecht, The Lovers [Translation by Tom Kuhn]

Tags: love that killing field

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